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Yin Ying YBP600 platter machine

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Packaging and after-sale

The YBP600 type automatic plate machine produced by our company, is mainly used for all kinds of moon cake, biscuit, steamed buns, steamed bread and other food automatic plate, pasta processing industry is the ideal auxiliary equipment, the machine through the plate mechanism, trading mechanism, walk plate of institutions, such as motion mechanism, cooperate the control components such as photoelectric switch, start-stop coordination's institutions, such as step movement characteristics, drop plate, plate, plate and so on coordinated action, completes the plate movement.



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In shandong province

Application: simple packing, suitable for shandong province




Shandong province outside

Use: packing is commonly used in logistics to avoid bumping machines.

General domestic self-use customer use




Railway package

Use: logistics commonly used packaging, export available, need fumigation


Export fumigation-free package

Use: common export packaging, fumigation-free packaging


Within six months from the date of purchase, under the condition of normal use and maintenance according to the instructions, the parts are damaged due to defective manufacturing, and the technical records can be checked, free replacement of parts or return. If the time limit of "three guarantees" is exceeded or the machine is damaged due to illegal operation, please come to the factory for maintenance without charge of manual labor, only charge of spare parts, and provide convenience for users.

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