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2019.3.28 Party Members Planting Trees

2019.3.28 Party Members Planting Trees

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On March 28, 2019, in response to the call of the superior government, Secretary Jiao Fangying of the Diaoxi Village Party Committee led the whole village members to carry out the activities of beautifying the village appearance. More than 50 Party members, including Secretary Wang Ke of Diaoxi Office, Secretary Jiao Fangying of Diaoxi Party Committee and member of Jiaonianlei Branch of Yinying Company, took part in the activities with shovels. After mobilizing and arranging activities, Secretary Yao Chuanjiang of Diaoxi Village Branch invested in their respective tree-planting areas, aiming at plant-row spacing, spade shoveling and seedling filling, showing a busy labor scene to build beautiful Diaoxi with practical actions. In order to better rectify the village appearance, Yinying Branch Party members actively fulfill their obligations and play an important role in improving the village appearance environment and building beautiful countryside.