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Emancipating the Mind, Innovating, Seeking Change, Working Together to Build a Better Home

Emancipating the Mind, Innovating, Seeking Change, Working Together to Build a Better Home

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On the morning of February 11, Yinying Company held the work mobilization in 2019 and the 22nd Congress of Staff and Workers, at which the General Manager of Li Zhongmin, on behalf of Dong and the Board of Supervisors, presented the work plan for 2019 to all representatives and mobilized them. Through studying and judging the current economic situation and combining with its own advantages, we have jointly determined the general ideas, objectives, tasks, mission, vision and values of the company in 2019. Overall train of thought: Emancipate the mind, innovate for change, carry out "quality improvement" action in depth, make long-term scientific planning, increase independent innovation ability, optimize product structure, improve management level and operation ability, enhance new vitality of development, continuously increase technological transformation and market development efforts, strive to achieve output value of 300 million yuan, and realize the strengthening of enterprises. Make it bigger. Company mission: Committed to the development of leading commercial cooking equipment, customer satisfaction as the eternal pursuit. Company Vision: Leading the industry, casting a hundred years of silver eagle; Achieving employees, building a beautiful home. Corporate values: People-oriented, moral first; honest management, return to society. Next, Mr. Li gave his opinions on how all Yinying people could accomplish their mission, realize their vision and embody their own values through their efforts. We should emancipate our minds and unify our understanding. While inheriting the fine tradition, we should vigorously carry forward positive energy, continuously stimulate organizational vitality, formulate long-term development plan for Yinying, innovate management methods, stimulate organizational vitality, actively implement the new model of excellent performance management, and develop leading commercial cooking equipment in the industry, so as to satisfy every customer and make Yinying grow stronger. Big, let's make our Silver Eagle home more beautiful. Innovation seeks change, breaks the old pattern and bondage, dares to change and innovate, carries forward the spirit of "eagle's rebirth", dares to complete the transformation of the critical moment in his life like an eagle, pulls out no longer sharp nails, pulls out thick, dragging long feathers, accumulates strength, runs and flies again. In order to develop Yinying, we should have the determination and courage to change and the courage to take on the responsibility. Among the people, we should fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative, creativity and strength of all staff members. Work together, go hand in hand, go forward bravely, regard Yinying as their home, build Yinying's home better, complete its mission, reflect the value of life, reward employees, and repay the society. Then, Li always put forward his opinions from five aspects: sales and after-sales service, technology, production, quality and supply, which will be the development direction of all departments in 2019. He pointed out that in the face of the responsibilities entrusted to us by the times, the great hopes and expectations of the staff and workers, and the desire for a better life, leaders should take the lead, Party members should take the lead, and employees should be conscious. In order to accomplish our mission, realize our vision, embody our values, and better realize the "Silver Eagle Dream", we should build a hundred-year Silver Eagle and a beautiful life. Home and strive hard. Finally, I wish you all a smooth work, good health and good luck in the new year.